26 Nov 2014

Youth Sisters Halaqa with Sr. Shehlla every Sunday 11:30am

Assalamualikom Dear Brothers and Sisters!
The sisters haleqa is very happy to announce that we are beginning a youth sisters haleqa which will be held each and every Sunday starting this Sunday, November 30.  It will be lead by our own Shehlla Khan and will be held the same time as the traditional haleqa which has been ongoing for years.  The difference is the one led by Sr. Shehlla will focus on any and all issues that deal with our youth sisters as they work their way through the holy Qur'an.
For youth who do not drive, their moms can bring them and attend Imam Mahmoud's haleqa while the youth sisters' haleqa is in a room close by.
Sisters 13 and older are encouraged to attend.
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