16 May 2018

Ramadan Announcements / Weekend Community Iftar (Ramadan begins Wednesday May 16th)

Asalamualikom Dear Brothers and Sisters

Maryum Islamic Center is pleased to  celebrate with our community the Holy month of Ramadan, the month of Quran and all blessings.
May Allah (SW) accept our fasting and help us to do our best of good deeds.

Inshaallah Tomorrow Wednsday 5/16  is the FIRST day of the month of Ramadan as the moon was sighted in California.

1- Taraweeh Prayers:  Taraweeh will start immediately after praying Isha's Sunnah.

2- Br. Hamzah El Habashy will lead the (8 Raka'ats )Taraweeh Prayers Inshaallah.
We are planning to live stream the Taraweeh Prayers every night at MIC YouTube Channel, Click Here to Watch Or Subscribe.

3- Community Iftar: We have community Iftars on every FridaySaturday and Sunday, which are catered for MIC.

Also we have light Iftar (Water and Dates) for the week days

4- Iftar Sponsorship:

Gain the blessings of the season by sponsoring or co-sponsoring Iftar dinners at MIC. There are a variety of options for participating, ranging from sponsoring an entire dinner to co-sponsoring with other families.

The cost of one of these iftars is $800.00. If individuals or families choose, the cost of one iftar can be shared between families.

To Sponsor an Iftar or participate on the cost of it


Click Here

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