11 Feb 2022

Arabic Step-by-Step class at MIC (Free, online and on-site)


Asalamualaikum Brothers & Sisters!


Arabic Step-by-Step Class at MIC starting February 24th


Do you want to learn how to speak Arabic fluently while expanding your Arabic Vocabulary?
Maryum Islamic Center will be starting a weekly Arabic Class to fulfill this need.
What Arabic Curriculum will you use? 
- The Madinah Arabic Course books. 
What are the prerequisites for this course?
- The ability to read Arabic/read the Qur'an.
When will the classes take place? 
- Every Thursday at 6:30pm starting February 24th, 2022 InshaAllah. 
- On site at Maryum Islamic Center and online for those who wish to attend virtually.
Who will teach the course?
- Sheikh Mahmoud Abdel-Hady
How much will it cost?
Free of charge. However, we do ask that you purchase the Madinah Arabic Course Book. Here is a photo of the book to ensure proper purchase:


We hope you can take advantage of this great opportunity!
May Allah SWT grant us beneficial knowledge. 
Maryum Islamic Center 
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