Br. Ibrahim Hossain Khan

Br. Ibrahim teaches Islamic Studies to Uthman and Omar boys and girls.  He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a full-time college student.  He has taught students for more than four years and as a youth attended the weekend Islamic School at PGMA (Prince Georges Muslim Association).  He also attended Al-Maghrib Institute.  His hobbies are football, reading, factoids, Islamic activism and assisting in youth activities.  One thing you might not guess about Br. Ibrahim is that he is on the Board of Trustees at PGMA.

Sr. Neha Hassan

Sr. Neha Hassan is a veteran teacher having taught for more than seven years at both Dar al Taqwa and Maryum Islamic Center.  She teaches Quran paired with Sr. Wafa.  When she is not teaching or attending classes at Howard Community College as a full time student, Sr. Neha enjoys reading and entertaining children.  Along with being born in India, one thing you may not guess about Sr. Neha is that she is on a journey of memorization of the Quran.

Br. Alieu Jack

Br. Alieu is a native of Washington, DC and has taught students for more than 5 years.  Originally home-schooled, Br. Alieu now attends Howard Community College and has taken private classes on a variety of subjects.  His hobbies are football, martial arts and basketball.  As an accomplished hafith, it is no wonder that Br. Alieu teaches Arabic at Maryum Islamic Center.  One thing you may not know Br. Alieu is that he is a Gambian, and proud of it!

Sr. Aminata Jack

Sr. Aminata Jack is also an accomplished hafiza.  She is a teaching assistant for Quran.  She has been teaching students the Noorani Qaida methodology for almost two years.  She attended the Dar al Taqwa Saturday School, and is excited about assisting at Maryum Islamic Center.  Sr. Aminata continues her own private school education by taking advanced subjects, and her hobbies are drawing and reading.  One thing that you may not know about Sr. Aminata is that she loves horses. There is one particular breed of horse that is her favorite!  Ask her!

Sr. Wafa Alnumri

Sr. Wafa teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies for Maryum.  She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia where she graduated from high school.  She is a college graduate, and taught for three years in the state of Oregon.  As a seasoned educator she displays a vast resume of teaching experiences, not only at the college level, but also at local  private schools in Maryland. She has also taught for the Dar al Taqwa Sunday School.  Sr. Wafa loves shopping and traveling, and if you ask her what her favorite food is she will tell you, FISH!

Br. Saleh Hady

Br. Saleh teaches the Hifith class.  He was born in Columbia, Maryland and is presently a full time nursing student at Howard Community College.  He has taught for more than four years, and his teaching resume includes private Islamic weekend schools.  More recently he has been assisting the new administration of Maryum Islamic Center organize this year’s IQRA program.  His favorite hobby is soccer, and would like to be considered a student of knowledge as he works in the field of medicine and education.

Br. Shaheed Twyman

Br. Shaheed has been an accomplished hafith for many years.   This will be his third year assisting the Hafith students at Maryum Islamic Center.  His teaching experiences include being a teaching assistant at Dar al Taqwa, covering the subjects of Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies for several years.  Born in Chesapeake, Virginia, Br. Shaheed is a full time student at Howard Community College.  He attended Al-Huda School where he excelled in the Hafith classes.  When his busy schedule allows, you’ll find him on the soccer field.  One thing you may not know about Br. Shaheed is that he is the oldest of nine children.