05 May 2019
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Asalamualikom Dear Brothers and Sisters

Maryum Islamic Center is pleased to  celebrate with our community the Holy month of Ramadan, the month of Quran and all blessings.
May Allah (SW)  accept our fasting and help us to do our best of good deeds.

1- Moon Sighting Updates:

Tomorrow, Sunday (May 5th 2019) will be the final day of Sha'ban, and Monday (May 6th 2019) will be the first day of the blessed month of RamadanWe ask Allah to make it for us and the entire Ummah a means of goodness, blessings, grace and elevation.

This is based on no moon-sighting being confirmed tonight. This makes tomorrow the completion of Sha'ban's 30 days

2- Taraweeh Prayers:  Isha prayer will be held at 9:40PM then Taraweeh will start after praying Sunnah.

Br. Hamzah El Habashy will lead the (8 Raka'ats )Taraweeh Prayers.

Iftar Sponsorship: We are planning on having community Iftars on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which will be catered for MIC.

Also we will have light Iftar (Water and Dates) for the week days

Gain the blessings of the season by sponsoring or co-sponsoring Iftar dinners at MIC. There are a variety of options for participating, ranging from sponsoring an entire dinner to co-sponsoring with other families. The cost of 1 of these iftars is $800.00. If individuals or families choose, the cost of one iftar can be shared between families.

To Sponsor an Iftar or participate on the cost of it

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28 Apr 2019
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Assalamu'Alaikom Dear Brothers and Sisters

We at Maryum Islamic Center (MIC) hope this email reaches you in the best of Deen and health. 
As many in the community are aware, the Muslim community in general, and MIC more locally, has been through a great deal of challenge in the current sociopolitical climate of Islamophobia and antimuslim sentiment.  As has recently been in the news, MIC recently received threats of harm referencing the New Zealand attacks on social media, causing a need for increased law enforcement presence and involvement.  MIC has been working with law enforcement and the area chapter of CAIR to ensure safety and security. 
To further add to recent sociopolitical challenges, MIC is being forced to vacate the current premises, as the landlord has sought eviction by May 31, 2019, before the end of Ramadan.  MIC has always been a reliable tenant, fulfilling the responsibilities of tenant throughout the term of the lease agreement entered into almost 3 years ago.  This is of grave concern to the MIC community, as we were to remain in the current location until September 2019 upon completion of the leased term and then extend it or find a bigger location. 
To provide a short context for this current challenge, we will share a brief history of how MIC came to the current location on Rumsey Rd.

  • Almost 3 years ago, MIC applied for lease of the current location from an organization that could not finish its lease (subleasor).  As a standard part of the process, MIC submitted a letter of intent to the subleasor describing our purpose as a religious community organization and center of worship, and described our activities.

  • This letter of intent and accompanying lease agreement were approved by the subleasor and the landlord of the space and lease thus began almost 3 years ago.

  • As community members may recall, the move in process also involved physical construction changes to the rented space. These changes were approved by the landlord and the subleasor. 

  • In recent weeks, it became evident that the management company was no longer willing to work with MIC or to consider renting an expanded space in the future once the leased term will have concluded.

  • Then more recently, it became evident that the landlord leased this space to the subleasor (people we are leasing from) and us without having the permit for assembly use required for gatherings of people.  When this became clear, the county asked the landlord to initiate redlining, the name for changing the use from office/warehouse to assembly.  The landlord refused to initiate redlining, even though MIC offered to pay any cost associated with the redlining process.

The landlord pursued court action to seek termination of the lease between them and the subleasor (people we are leasing from) which in turn terminates our contract.

  • MIC and the subleasor agreed to challenge the landlord’s decision to terminate the contract and had several strategy meetings.  This appeared to be a mutually cooperative process. However, on the April 22, 2019 court hearing date, the subleasor changed their position and settled with the landlord, without the knowledge of MIC, that they would terminate the existing lease, thus rendering MIC sublease invalid. 

  • On Friday April 26, 2019, MIC received the official notice of eviction specifying that we must vacate no later than May 31, 2019. 

MIC has always been forthright and open about who we are and what we do, and we are shocked and bewildered at the sudden demand that MIC vacate the premises almost 4 months prior to the known end of the lease.   MIC releases this information to the community in order to maintain transparency and to keep the community updated and is currently pursuing another location in the current neighborhood, in order to continue to serve the community and maintain the usual activities that the community has come to depend upon over the last several years.
It is the express desire and commitment of MIC to continue to serve as a part of the Muslim Community in Howard County, and we fervently seek and request the Dua, support, and encouragement of our Muslim Community and faith allies.  
Please stay tuned for updates, which we at MIC will provide as developments occur regarding any news, progress in securing a new space in the vicinity, and any challenges we face. Insha Allaah, we will hold Ramadan prayer and activities in our current location as we have in the past several years.

Board of Trustees 
Maryum Islamic Center